conduct adjustment agreement

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In Brazilian law, a preventative or punitive legal agreement that allows the modification of the behaviour of a private individual or a company that has committed, is committing, or is threatening to cause harm to collective rights. The tool may be used for the legal protection of assets in the areas of employment, the environment, consumer law, public property, natural goods, assets of artistic or historic value, for the protection of the urban organisation and economic life. The purpose is to find an extra-judicial solution to compensation or reparation before a dispute occurs and is brought before a judge, including in criminal matters. Under the agreement, the private individual or company acknowledges the harm to a collective interest and undertakes to eliminate the irregularity. This tool is generally associated to the investigative role of the prosecutor (but also other "legitimate public bodies", according to the terms of the Brazilian law, such as States and territorial collectivities). The agreement may provide for fines in the event of a failure to perform and, in civil matters, may operate as an enforceable title. In this context, the person liable shall be subject to court enforcement by specific performance (to adjust the behaviour) and, as the case may be, to the payment of the fines provided for.

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conduct adjustment agreement

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